Now that you have set up Scid vs PC and loaded all your own games, you are ready for the big time. You want to download possibly millions of games, keep right up to date with the latest games played on the world stage, and find the bleeding edge openings. Possibly you want to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon analysing some classical games with annotations. Read on.

On the internet there are many sources for games. Yes, you can purchase huge databases, but you can also simply download a lot of games. Let me show you where:


 PGN Mentor

Great place with millions of games to download.

The Week in Chess

This is where you want to go to ensure you are up to date with the latest games.

Some annotated games:

This is a reasonable collection of annotated games by various annotators, including Gary Kasparov

For fans of Magnus Carlsen:

And finally, over 4000 games:

There are loads of resources on the Internet with annotated games and databases. This is just a start. If you feel you come across a great resource, please let us know and we will add it to the site.

After you download as many pgn files as you want, follow the instructions in the previous article on how to combine them:

Now you should be set to find a brilliant opening for your next club game.